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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Blur

One thing you can be sure of.  If you see very few blog posts, it means that life has been very busy, or at least very distracting!  Time has been flying by in a blur.

The primary distraction of our home routine is that Dh has been working from home - or just plain home - most days.  Sometimes, he manages a few hours at the office, but not very often.  Part of that is because the special chair they ordered for him still hasn't come in, so the temporary chair he's got is not doing is back any favours.  What usually happens is that he goes to bed feeling fine, gets up to get ready for work, but by the time he's done his morning routine, his back is either in massive pain, or it goes out completely.  So he works from home.  Meanwhile, we've made plans for the day that typically involve using the computer, or at least the downstairs.  Those go out the window.  Some of it can be delayed only so long.  It really messes with Eldest's scanning and graphic work.

Speaking of Eldest, she's got good progress on her web comic and online stuff, and still has a display of her paintings at a local tea shop.  One of those sold, then she got a phone call from someone interested in a print of it.  She doesn't have a good enough digital copy of it, but she might get a commission, instead!  Meanwhile, her first festival is coming up soon, then in the middle of June, she'll have her weekend activities.

Youngest is in the middle of her driver's ed. classes.  She's learning lots, and it not too impressed with some of her classmates. LOL  Her in-car instruction will be next month.

Our facilitator visit is coming up soon, too, and then our school year will be officially done.  This was the last year we could extend Eldest's registration, so next year we'll only have Youngest to register.

Not that we're nearing the end of our home schooling journey.  In fact, if things go well, we're going to be starting all over again with a 7 and a (by then) 9 yr old.  It's a long and convoluted story I've made reference to before, but the short of it is, we will be having the daughters of a friend moving in with us this week.  Their father is expecting to leave the country for a family concern, but we don't know when.  We don't even know how long they will be with us, but their father has been talking a year or two before he can come back.  To us, Dh and I welcome them as our own daughters, and I'm truly honoured that their mother felt she could ask us to take them in.  I can think of no greater compliment than for someone to feel we are good enough to parent their children when they are not able to.  It's quite humbling.

The girls (I'm going to have to come up with new handles for the kids, since Eldest and Youngest won't quite work anymore!) are already home schooled and have even been registered with the same board we are.  They will continue to be registered through their mother, but we'll likely transfer them to our facilitator.  I've already mentioned the possibility of a couple of extra children around when he gets here for our visit.  Should be interested!!  They should have already had their own facilitator visit, I think, and their registrations would have already been taken care of there.

It's going to be exciting times!  We're really looking forward to having them with us, and having them along on our adventures!

Hopefully, I'll even have time to write about it here, too!