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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The past couple of weeks...

For someone who's supposed to be using this blog as a record of our home schooling journey, I really need to post more often. *L*

So what's been going on in the couple of weeks since I last posted?

The biggest thing first, I guess.  Raider King has moved in with us, so we're now a family of five.  We can only offer him a couch, but by gosh, it's a comfortable couch! ;-)  He's got a full time job and is saving his pennies to get his own (shared) place, hopefully by the end of November.  At least that's his goal.  He's more than welcome to stay with us longer, if needs be. 

Eldest had her first job interview.  She showed up a bit early, only to be told they'd phoned to reschedule for an hour and a half later.  Except she never got the call.  She had her cell phone with her, and there were no missed calls, nor was there any message on the home phone when we got back, so I don't know what happened there.  She's not too impressed with herself over the interview, but we find out next week if she's got the job or not.  Getting a first job from a first resume drop off and first interview would be quite the thing.  Raider King dropped off more than 70 resumes before he got any calls, and for the job he did get, he took full advantage of their desperation for staff. *L*  So we'll see how that works out.  There's time.

Youngest, after saving up her allowance and birthday money for almost a year, finally bought herself an acoustic guitar.  In fact, after trying different ones, she was able to get a guitar and soft case (with back-pack straps), with money left over.  She was planning to figure out how to play on her own, but things didn't work out as expected, so we'll be looking into lessons for her.  I was really happy with the store we bought it from, and the salesman that helped us . I'd made a point of telling her she didn't have to get the first one that caught her eye, and that we could look in different stores, take time to think about it, etc.  What had me convinced that this store was the right place to buy from was then the guy started listing the lifetime care they give to any guitar they sell.  There's an automatic one year warranty with every sale, but they will also do free tuning, neck adjustments, string changes, and so on, for the lifetime of the guitar.  Then, when we started asking about picks (we made a point of telling him from the start that we knew nothing about guitars), he ended up giving Youngest one each of all the different types of picks they carried.  Picks don't cost a lot, but we're still looking at about $10 in free picks.  Then he tuned the guitar, polished it, and showed her how to place it in the case, putting the neck support where it belonged for her in the process. 

She was so happy! :-)

Ah, well.  I tried.  Time to stop writing.  Dh is waiting his turn on the computer. *L*

I'll catch up again later.


Monday, October 04, 2010

I could get used to this

My, how things change.

It wasn't that long ago when having kids meant lots of hustle, bustle, noise and business.  Sometimes, it still does.  Now, however, the girls are older and so much more independent.  As I write this, they've walked to the library and I expect they'll go for a coffee or something afterwards.  Maybe wander around in the mall nearby, or just go for a walk.  Eldest has her cell phone, so I can reach them if i need to.  Otherwise, I only have a general idea of where they are right now, and that's just fine with me.

Dh is home from work/working from home today.  His back is acting up again, but he's mobile enough that he can long onto his office computer from the work laptop at home and actually get things done - at least until he can't sit anymore.  The muscle relaxants he takes to control the spasms also make him loops and sleepy, so he's now napping.  Later on, he'll be back "at work" from home. 

Which means that, right now, there is almost total silence in the house.  Even the cats are napping. 

I could get used to this!

Okay, so it won't last long.  I need to start supper soon, Dh will be getting up and the girls will be coming home, and we'll be back to the hustle and bustle.  I'm okay with that, too.  Still, I'm becoming increasingly aware that it won't be too much longer before it's just Dh and me.  Eldest is on the hunt for a job (she had an interview next week, and I have every confidence that she'll be accepted for the position).  Raider King has a job, too, so if things work out for them, it won't be too much longer before they start looking for an apartment to share.  Youngest has a few more years, yet, but when the time comes, I know she'll be well prepared for independent living.

Which means we'll be looking at an empty nest before very long.  *sigh* 

I'm going to miss them, but they're going to be just fine.

I'm so proud of my girls.