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Friday, July 25, 2008

My daughter's creations

I finally got some pictures of Youngest's crochet creations. She was playing around with a basic mesh pattern I'd shown her and came up with these.

This neck warmer is done in variegated yarn. She did another version in green for her sister.

A back view of the neck warmer and it's button closures. The button holes are just the mesh openings.

This is the exact same pattern using some chenille yarn we got from a yarn exchange. She had just enough to make this and sew on the buttons.

The mesh openings required much larger buttons in this one.

I like the neck warmer idea. No long ends to get tangled up in, and they'll never slip loose.

She's also made a whole bunch of these wrist cuffs using the same pattern as the neck warmers, working in a round, for both herself and her sister.

She liked the effect so much, she made herself a pair of "sleeves" as well. With these, she started off the same width as the wrist cuffs and increased as needed as they got longer.

I think she did quite well! :-D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last night, Eldest and I went up to the lounge where I assembled the pieces I blocked yesterday while we watched The Food Network and chatted with the security guard. Today, Youngest helped me choose the buttons for the flap closure.

I think it worked out well, for an experiment. I'd choose a solid colour if I ever wanted to make it again, though.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making stuff...

For the past while, Youngest and I have been crocheting like crazy, it seems. I've been borrowing books from the library and trying new things, with some success.

This is an example of "some" success. My younger daughter, who is 12 now, is modeling it. The problem? Eldest is the one who asked for it, and it doesn't fit her. This was supposed to be a "one size fits all" cover. I deliberately used larger yarn than the pattern called for and a larger hook, as well as adding a bunch of extra rows in the body, to make it roomier. Even after blocking it, the body was much shorter than expected. The arm length was fine, though, and I didn't add anything extra there. The biggest problem for her, however, was the neck opening. This, too, was wider than in the instructions, yet she found it tight, the way is sat on her shoulders and pulled at the arms.

The joys of being built like a tank and trying to wear something being patterned for tall, slender women with no chest to speak of. :-/

Youngest saw this pattern for a capelet and asked me to make it for her. Again, it was "some" success. I used the pattern for the XL size (I should have been able to do it in M and she should still have had a roomy fit) and once again used a larger hook, though the yarn was the same weight. It *should* have been big enough to fit me, based on the instructions. It fits youngest just right, though the turtleneck opening is a bit tight going over the head. A couple of washes will loosen that up a bit more, though. Hopefully. She really likes it, though, and that's what's important.

Here, I'm blocking a work in progress. I've made several different small bags, but they've all been pretty much single pieces. No blocking or assembly of parts required, other than straps and buttons. This time, I'm making one that will need to be sewn together. Not visible in this shot is the piece that will be the sides and bottom, which is about 1 inch wide. After assembly, I'll be using single crochet to finish the edges at the top, then make a strap and add 2 buttons for the flap. I didn't use a pattern for this at all, just making it up in my head. I hope I got the proportions right.

I started a tank top for myself but so far have only finished the back panel. In this case, I worked out the pattern to a larger size - the pattern went up to XL and I increased it to the equivalent of XXL. I like my shirts roomy. When making it, I compared it to a shirt in the size I wanted it to be, and it was the exact same width, so that worked out. Unfortunately, it used up so much more yarn than I expected, I don't have enough to finish the front panel. Which would be fine except that the yarn I chose turned out to be discontinued, and now I can't find anymore. Not sure how I'm going to work that out. Until then, though, I now have the materials to make a sweater. In fact, I should have at least 1 ball of yarn extra - and it's *not* a discontinued yarn! LOL One the bag is finished, I'll start on the sweater.

Next, I need to get some photos of the items Youngest has been making.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Sandwich from Hell

As I sit here, reading my daily news, Eldest is enjoying her Sandwich from Hell - courtesy of Spike, the author of Templar Arizona - link not safe for work.

The recipe is as follows...

Lightly toast 2 waffles
Pat down with lettuce
Layer deli meat of choice
garnish with imitation maple syrup and horseradish to taste.

It also says "wash down with pickle brine," but you can leave that out...

My daughter was a bit heavy on the horseradish. She was sitting behind me, gasping and wiping tears from her eyes a moment ago. Now, she's toasting more frozen waffles for another sandwich.

A little lighter on the horseradish, this time.

I found it interesting that our jar of creamed horseradish has no expiry date.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Just taking a moment to wish my friends in the US a Happy Independence Day.

Have a fun and safe holiday. :-)