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Monday, November 02, 2009

Pausing to regroup

Isn't it weird how we can just go and go and go and seem to busy, but when you look back, it's hard to see just what was accomplished?  What was I so busy with?

We've finished up with a rather quiet halloween, except for the home schoolers party we went to.  Nothing quiet about that! *L*  The group we've joined booked facilities for the party, and it's a really nice little play.  I'll have to keep it in mind for the future. 

Youngest spent weeks making a papier mache Zor helmet, with some help from Eldest at the end.  Some painted cardboard pieces, black t-shirt, belt, a drawn on mustache and blue-black hair completed the outfit.  She did an excellent job.  Eldest used her postapocaliptiic regalia for a costume, which she's been working on for a couple months now.  Unlike a friend who's working on his at the same time, she had no access to home make swords and chainsaws, but she did make a very cool canteen out of an old-fashioned soda bottle, some leather scraps and strips of fabric. She made a holster for her replice flintlock, too.  We dyed her hair black, too, but that's just 'cause we had dye left over from doing Youngest's hair, and we had to waste anything.  Even hair dye. *L*

The kids didn't go out trick or treating, though.  We were at a loss as to where to go.  Certainly not our block-long street (oh, good news - the drug house at the end of the street was torn down.  That makes 2 down, possibly one more to go, though that house might actually be salvageable).   Eldest and accompany me to hand out candy at our co-op's lobby.  I dressed up at the last minute, going as a tacky diva.  Shiny, bright purple wig in a bob hairstyle, lots of make up and sparkles with a deep green gown.  Funny thing was, people actually didn't recognise me, and I got lots of complements on how well the purple looked on me. *L*

In our co-op, members donated candy over the past couple of weeks, then the social committee made up baggies for every kid in the complex.  There was extra for other kids in the inner-city housing on our street, too.  The baggies were all labelled with unit numbers and the names of the kids.  Even my two got one each - I wasn't sure if they would, since they're older.  These were very generous baggies!  One little girl came in and I had help her put it into her bag.  One stop and her bag was full! *L*  There was another little one with a bucket that it just wouldn't fit in.  Her mom had a bigger bag, though, so it went straight into there.

With halloween come and gone, we can focus on our next historically themed dinner.  I've now formally started a group for this, and we've got an email group to help organize things.  The girls chose the theme, since no one else volunteered to host.  Early settler, Canadian prairies.  We're not talking Little House on the Prairie, here, but even earlier.  It's turned out to be a challanging time period.  We ended up opening the time period up to include the first half of the 1800's because there simply weren't a lot of settlers on the Canadian plains before then.  It was mostly exploreres and traders.  We're after recreating meals eaten by the first agriculturalists, and quite frankly, they starved a lot.  It should make for some very interesting dishes.

What's cool, however, is that we're going to have 19 people for it!  Four families, including ourselves.  We'll even have a couple of story tellers among the guests, and interest in dressing up.  We've booked on of the multi-purpose rooms in our complex for the evening. 

It should be really great!

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