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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Books, books, books... and movies, and cds...

Gosh, it's been ages since I posted here!  I've been posting on my other blog, plus Eldest and I have something in the works that will be coming live soon, but this poor, sad little blog is being neglected. *sniff* It's getting to the point that I don't know quite where to start anymore.

So I'll start with a library list.  Our weekly library trips aren't quite as regular - Eldest tends to go several times a week, these days, and a few times they've had regular library day, but I've had to stay home for one reason or the other.  So we've got plenty to list, I just haven't gotten to it.

For new stuff we got today, Youngest took out:

Dragons: a natural history
Kings, beasts and heroes
The Resistance (CD)
Showbiz (CD)

She's gone through most of the folklore and mythology section, but found a couple she hadn't taken out before.  She's not too impressed with the dragon one so far.  Mostly, it's the tone of the writing, as it's rather condescending towards dragon mythologies.  A pet peeve of hers when it comes to books exploring mythology.

Eldest, meanwhile, has taken out:

Polka's not dead (CD)
Alice (DVD)
Memento mori (DVD)
Vampire knits: projects to keep you knitting from twilight to dawn
Expletive deleted: a good look at bad language
The case for relgion
The twilight of atheism: the rise and fall of disbelief in the modern world

While sitting at Second Cup after getting our books, we were going through the Vampire knits book.  Oh, the horror!  The projects are great, but... well, let's just say we're NOT Twihards and leave it at that... ;-)

On my talke out list today, I've got:

The faith of the centure (DVD about communism)
Chicago (1927 silent film)
A guide to making guantlet mitts (teacher's resource)
Cultural accents

Other stuff we still have lying about from recent library trips include:

Batman, the animated series (DVD set, first season, if I remember correctly - Youngest had put it on hold)

Darling, maybe someday (CD)
I love the Escarpment (DVD)
The battle (CD)
Blank unstaring heirs of doom (CD)
The legion sessions (CD)
In the noise (CD)
Deadmalls & nightfalls (CD)
Visiter (CD)
Spelled in bones (CD)
Vanguard of the young and reckless (CD)
Oh little fire (CD)
Blind man on a flying horse (CD)
Dark shades of blue (CD)
Flying upside down (CD)
Release the sunshine (CD)
Lost channels (CD)
Omnibus (CD)

Yeah, that's a lot of CDs!  Eldest has taken to searching through the library website for interesting sounding music and putting lots of stuff on hold.  She actually maxed out her hold limit with mostly CDs!  Then she listens to them all fairly quickly.  With a stack like this, she considers herself fortunate to find 2-3 discs of music she actually likes, and as often as not, just one good song on each of those. 

Terribly happy (DVD)
A tale of two sisters (DVD)
The city of violence (DVD)

Edlest has also taken to watching foreign horror movies.  There's some very strange stuff out there!

Millennium actress (DVD)

This Japanese animation is one that's been taken out a couple of times already.  The first time you watch it, it's very confusing.  Then, after you see the very end, the whole thing just falls into place with a shock.  Then you watch it again, knowing what happens in the end, and the whole thing is less confusing, yet more heartrending.  It's worth hunting down.

I don't believe in atheists
The Devil's delusion: atheism and its scientific pretensions

These two books are research material for Eldest and I.  The first one got returned today, unfinished.  We really didn't like the author and a lot of what he was saying was basically BS.  The Devil's delusion, on the other hand, is one we're passing back and forth and reading with interest.  The author's writing style is much  more enjoyable, for starters, and he makes a much better case for his arguement.  Worth reading.

The G.O.D. experiments: how science is discovering God in everything, including us

Another research piece, I actually haven't had time to start reading it yet.

Perfect Blue (DVD)
The book fo the dead (DVD)
The ossuary and other tales (DVD)
The vanishing (DVD)
Tell me something (DVD)

I'm not sure how many of these actually got watched before they had to be returned. :-P

There's more, but I think that's enough of a list for now!

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Spindle. said...

I watched all of the DVDs at the end there.

Perfect Blue: Okay. Plot is basic and it's enamoured with its own maturity. Definitely not Satoshi Kon's best work.
Book of the Dead: Boring. The animation was beautiful, though.
The Vanishing: Very interesting, with a few baffling elements. (Egg? What?)
Tell Me Something: Well-filmed murder mystery, but nothing unusually amazing. Hilariously gorey at points.