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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Not Back to School

I ended up taking an inadvertent break from this blog over the summer.  Time to get back into action.

Today was our local Not Back to School picnic.  The girls still have no interest in taking part in the park days, but Youngest came along with me for the picnic.  We spent most of the time chatting with a good friend, so we had ourselves a great time.

It was a rather odd picnic this year.  So many new faces! There seemed to be fewer old faces, too.  Youngest saw some kids she knew, but barely recognised anymore.  The local paper had done a very positive story on the picnic yesterday, which may have brought some curious families out to join us.  Perhaps some will go on to join the group, too.  There are always some who take in the picnic and pretty much nothing else with the group throughout the year, too.  Whatever works. ;-)

Now that we're officially up and running for the school year, plus the summer activities have started to die down, posts should be more regular again.   

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