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Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm back

I've been away on a trip, and our days have been really full in the last while, so I'm a touch behind on posting.

As of today, we are down to one triops. The largest one of the pair in the living room tank died first. The one in the bedroom tank died just today. The remaining triops in the living room tank had a huge growth spurt after it's tank mate died, and is now about 2 inches long.

This is the first one that died. We're not sure why he died - triops are supposed to have a lifespan of 20 days or so. He seemed to be quite active and normal the night before. As for the one that died today, it's possible we left excess food in her tank for too long. Oh, and in case you're wondering about the gender assignments, two of the triops have what appear to be egg cases and one didn't, so that's what we're going by.

The bedroom tank is going to be washed out, then a new batch of eggs will be started. We'll need to buy more distilled water soon, though. I've been trying to keep their water clean, so we've been going through it rather quickly. There's enough to start a new batch, though.

The kids had a photographic heyday while I was away on the weekend. They got some really good shots. Dh is organising a get together with others interseted in photography, too. The biggest challange is getting to know just what can be done with the camera. There are so many features. Yeah, they come with instruction books, but those tend to make little sense.

I've been working on my Christmas decorations. Every year, I make new ones. If we're living near family, I'll make some for their trees, too. Over the years, I've made felt shapes stuffed with fibre fill, tiny cross stitched "pillows", felt mini stockings, Mexican God's eyes, beaded medallions, etc. This year, I'm a bit more ambitious and making temari balls. Enough people have shown in interest in them that during park days, I'll be showing people how to do them, too. Which is kind of funny, considering I'm making them for the first time myself.

I'm not sure the kids have decided what they want to make for the tree yet. I'd like them to decide fairly soon, so we can get the materials with plenty of time to actually make them.

Halloween plans are also being made. I'm working that night, but Eldest will be having a sleep over with friends, while Younger will be going out trick or treating with other friends. That leaves Dh with an evening to himself. Wow. He hasn't had one of those in a while.

At work, staff is being encouraged to dress up for Halloween, with prizes going to the three best costumers. I'd like to do something, but have no idea what. I'm thinking of something fantasy like, with make up done a la Cirque de Soliel, but have no clue what to do for hair or clothes. I might just skip it entirely. We'll see. Not that I'll have much chance to work on it. I'm working through sunday, monday is booked solid, and then it's Halloween. I've got a short shift tomorrow, though, so maybe we'll have a chance to hit a store somewhere after I'm done and look around for ideas.

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