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Friday, July 25, 2008

My daughter's creations

I finally got some pictures of Youngest's crochet creations. She was playing around with a basic mesh pattern I'd shown her and came up with these.

This neck warmer is done in variegated yarn. She did another version in green for her sister.

A back view of the neck warmer and it's button closures. The button holes are just the mesh openings.

This is the exact same pattern using some chenille yarn we got from a yarn exchange. She had just enough to make this and sew on the buttons.

The mesh openings required much larger buttons in this one.

I like the neck warmer idea. No long ends to get tangled up in, and they'll never slip loose.

She's also made a whole bunch of these wrist cuffs using the same pattern as the neck warmers, working in a round, for both herself and her sister.

She liked the effect so much, she made herself a pair of "sleeves" as well. With these, she started off the same width as the wrist cuffs and increased as needed as they got longer.

I think she did quite well! :-D

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