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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Sandwich from Hell

As I sit here, reading my daily news, Eldest is enjoying her Sandwich from Hell - courtesy of Spike, the author of Templar Arizona - link not safe for work.

The recipe is as follows...

Lightly toast 2 waffles
Pat down with lettuce
Layer deli meat of choice
garnish with imitation maple syrup and horseradish to taste.

It also says "wash down with pickle brine," but you can leave that out...

My daughter was a bit heavy on the horseradish. She was sitting behind me, gasping and wiping tears from her eyes a moment ago. Now, she's toasting more frozen waffles for another sandwich.

A little lighter on the horseradish, this time.

I found it interesting that our jar of creamed horseradish has no expiry date.

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