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Monday, September 20, 2010

A quick catch up

It's been a while since I've updated here, but it's not for lack of activity.  Unfortunately, I've only got about a 20 minute window to write.  I figure I'd better do it now, because I don't know when I'll get 20 uninterrupted minutes again next. LOL

The biggest change for us lately is that Eldest's best friend, the Raider King, has moved back to our city.  He's 18 now and can live where he wants, and this is where he's chosen to be.  He's living with another friend while he looks for a job.  Eldest is job hunting with him.  At the same time, they've been taking every chance they can to spend time together.  As I write this, they are exploring our river valley, where Eldest is taking still photos that will be used for a stop motion movie she's working on.  She has to get them done before the seasons change too far.  They've also put together the post-apocalyptic costumes they've been working on for the past (three?) years and gone out in public.  It's been a hoot.  The reactions have been interesting.  Mostly, it's people avoiding looking at them at all.  The reactions from children have been overwhelmingly positive.  One guy driving by in a car yelled out "nice mask, fa***t" at Raider King (who's costume includes a real gas mask), then actually turned his car around so he could drive by and yell the same thing again.

Perhaps most amusing of all is the number of people approaching them for mundane things, like asking directions, or striking up conversations.  Totally unexpected.

With the new school year kicking in, we need to put together an education plan for the girls.  For Eldest, this is going to involve preparing her for independent living; putting together a resume, applying for jobs, and eventually getting her own apartment (she and Raider King plan to share an apartment to cut costs), and all the things that she'll need to know to live on her own and support herself. *sigh*  This will be on top of her usual studies, which she is in complete control of.  The variety of subject matter and the depth of her research is far greater than anything I would have come up with, so I just let her do her thing in those regards.

Youngest is getting restless.  She wants to go into mechanics of some kind, but I don't know how to facilitate that yet.  We're also going to be looking at riding lessons for her, but that'll just be one month of lessons, not the whole year.  We're also looking into the possibility of her taking one of the online courses available through our school board, on one of her favorite topics, Fables and Fairy tales.  I still need to look into that.

However, my 20 minutes is up.  Time to let Youngest have the computer while I start on supper.

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