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Monday, November 15, 2010

The best laid plans...

You know, it had been my intention to post here more regularly, now that the "school year" is officially started.  I'm reminded again of why I make to few plans these days. :-P  I swear, there is some sort of cosmic force that, as soon as I make plans and work up a schedule, everything that can happen to screw it up, does.

I'm trying to not let that happen this time, though.  Which is why I'm sitting in the library with Dh's work laptop (I hope he doesn't need to log into the office while I'm away), listening to some guy loudly talking on his cell phone, whining and begging his dad for a ride and making excuses for not being able to take the bus.

This is what was supposed to happen today.  Eldest was supposed to go to the library herself do work on some studies.  She's noted particular areas in her drawing that need work, so she plans to bring her sketch pad along with some reference books from home, as well as using reference books here at the library, and work out the areas she is having problems with.  Youngest would probably have joined her later and they would have gone for coffee before coming home.

I, on the other hand, would have been working on some writing, including posting on this blog, at home on my own.

So what changed?

Both Dh and Raider King are home from work today.  They'd both been quite sick a while ago, and neither have fully recovered.  Raider King had tried to go to work; he even went out to the bus stop.  Then he turned around and came home, and is now passed out on the couch.

Dh also was up as usual to go to work, but when I left he was busily trying not to cough up his lungs, heart, liver and entire digestive tract.

I'll take the guy whining on his cell phone, thanks.  I'm not sure how much more I can put up of the guy farting behind me, though.  There's also the joy of typing on a laptop.  I brought the mouse but didn't think I'd need a mousepad.  It never occurred to me that the infrared mouse wouldn't work on the tables here.  Thankfully, Dh has a book of some kind in the laptop case than I can use as a laptop.  I had considered bringing the full size keyboard, too.  Now I wish I had.  I'm not sure what happened, exactly, but as I was typing this paragraph, a huge section of my text suddenly disappeared, putting my cursor near the top of my post and replacing what was missing with the letter h.  I'd pressed something on the laptop touchpad with the heel of my hand.  No clue why it would result in what happened!  If all else fails and the distractions cause my muse to flee, I've brought my crochet project bag, too.

As for the girls, they headed out together this morning.  They've gone to the river, will eventually make their way to the library and, eventually, we'll all go for coffee a non-denominational beverage of choice.  I do appreciate technology at this point.  At the time they left, I had still expected to be catching up on my writing from home.  Eldest grabbed my library card to pick up a hold I've got.  When I got here and tried to lop onto the library wireless network, I discovered I needed my library card number.  I was able to send a text to Eldest, and she was able to text back my library card number.  Handy!

You know, as much as I love Dh, it's amazing how much his being home sick completely throws off everything.  Having both him and Raider King home sick is even more disruptive.

Oh, thank God!  The loud cell phone user's dad just showed up.  I know this because his dad called from wherever it is he pulled over and the guy spoke loud enough to announce it to everyone on the entire floor.  I love my technology probably more than the average person, but there are times when the users of said technology make me wish it wasn't quite so common!

So that's where I'm at now.  I'll save catching up on what we're doing that's home school related for another time.  I've got a post I want to write on my other blog (see link under my header) before the edge of the laptop completely cut off circulation to my hands and I can't type anymore.

I apologize now for any bizarre typos I might have made in this post!

update: Oh, God, I almost had a heart attack!  I guess the library wireless disconnects after a certain length of inactivity.  When I hit "publish" for this post, I ended up back at the wireless log in page.  When I checked my blog, there was no sign of my post; not even in the drafts.  Thankfully, the laptop held my post in its history and I was able to use my browser back button to find and publish this. *phew!*

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