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Thursday, November 09, 2006

no more triops

Oct. 3-Nov.6/7, 2006

Some time between 11 pm on the 6th and 2 am of the 7th, our last triops finally gave it up. While sitting at my desk earlier, I could see her swimming around, but when I stopped to watch her after checking on the kids before going to bed, I found her dead. I was sort of expecting it. Triops are only supposed to live an average of 20 days. She made it to about 34 days.

Because she was so much larger than the others, I wanted to get some good pictures of her, so I fished her out into a styrofoam cup I used when cleaning her tank, along with a bit of water, and stuck her in the freezer. We now have a triops ice cube. LOL One of these days, when it's nice and sunny, we'll thaw her out and I'll try and get some good pics.

My kids think I'm weird. Why would that be, do you think? LOL

Today (or should I say yesterday - it's past 1 am as I type this), we had our weekly get together with another family. Unfortunately, one of the daughters wasn't feeling well and didn't make it. We missed her company. Hopefully, she'll be feeling better soon. At least we remembered to bring her birthday gifts; something to help cheer her up while she's stuck in bed. :-)

After we parted ways with our friends, Eldest, Younger and I wandered around a mall for a bit, stopping at a shop we haven't gone to in far too long. They sell rocks and fossils, many of which the owner collected himself from around the world, as well as items made from rocks and fossils.

Younger and I were looking around for quite a while (I ended up getting a rose quartz pendant for her), so Eldest decided to look at the pictures at the tattoo/body piercing shop next door. She plans to get a tattoo eventually, though she's still too young. My personal restriction is to wait at least until she's finished growing, to avoid the artwork being stretched out of shape during a growth spurt, which I expect she's still got at least one more to come. While she was looking, one of the staff members came to ask if she needed help. By law, a person needs to be at least 16 to get a tattoo here, though in some provinces the age is 18 (unless there's parental permission). Eldest is only 13 1/2. The staff member mistook her for being much older. Oops. I wonder if they ask for ID before they do any bodywork?

Tomorrow, I think we need to take Eldest to a walk in clinic. She's been coomplaining about a pain in her wrist off and on. She now suspects she must've fractured it somehow, and the pain isn't going away. We still don't have a family doctor out here, so a walk in is all we've got to turn to. Thankfully, there's a new one that's opened not too far away, and having had to go there myself already for a prescription, I was really impressed with it.

She'll need an Xray though, and I don't know how that's done in our new province. In other provinces, the service was provided in different ways (except for emergancies, which are always done right at the hospital, if needed). Hopefully, there's won't be much of a delay.

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