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Monday, November 06, 2006

Park day

Today was park day. Every monday we meet with a large number of other home schooling families at a local park for the afternoon. It was an earlier one for us, as a friend is teaching her kids to run and was gracious enough to let my kids join in.

Both of them, of course, complained mightily about "having" to do it. We made them do it anyways. I suppose there are those who would say we aren't really unschoolers because I made them do it, but I'm a parent first, and I know my kids. This is something they wouldn't do on their own, and their dad and I aren't in any position to show them ourselves. It's an opportunity I don't want them to miss.

Eldest ended up finding it fun and youngest... well, she's not saying anything, which most likely means she enjoyed it, too, but doesn't want to admit it. *L*

The only down side is that I'd like for them to practise what they learned today two more times this week - but neither their dad nor I can accompany them. Some people shouldn't run, and that's us. We're simply too beat up and broken. ;-) I'm not quite sure how to work it out. Well, the first day we'll have available for it (besides tomorrow, and two days in a row is not good) won't be until thursday, so we should be able to figure something out by then.

One good thing about coming in so early and having all that empty space at the table was that I had plenty of time to work on a new temari ball. I finished off my fifth one today. I'm really pleased with how they're turning out.

The kids had a blast today, which they usually do. A Twister game had been brought and thoroughly enjoyed by many. It was a birthday celebration for one of their friends, too - I still can't believe we forgot the gift! - which made it extra exciting.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have to remember to get the kids to do their French. We missed last week completely. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to get an early night in for a change. I might actually get to bed before midnight! Oooo.... imagine that.... LOL

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Zorena Family said...

If the girls need any inspiration to run, I have been following this site.

I have loved following it!