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Thursday, November 02, 2006

slacking off

I don' t know what's with me today - I think perhaps the last couple of weeks are finally catching up to me. We've been going almost non-stop since I came back from my trip. The apartment is a disaster, and I'm just so tired! I was reading the girls' Shel Silverstein book of poems (hilarious - I love the humour he wrote with) and could barely keep my eyes open. I fell asleep on the couch. Dh was home from work today, having called in sick. At this point in the game, he really doesn't care much - tomorrow is his last day in this position. Monday, he starts the new position. We're still shaking our heads over which job he ended up taking, and the fact that it's on the same floor as where he's working now. This after expecting him to live in another town for 5 months.

Tonight is my last shift for my job. Although my husband ended up with a local position, his hours run later than before, which would impact which shifts I could take. It's also just a 3 month contract (yeah, they say extensions, but then he was supposed to be on his current contract until the end of March, 2007, too...), so we'll be doing it all over again in a short time. I'm going to miss it a bit, as I did enjoy the work, but I must admit the job was getting in the way. The girls and I will be more free to go out and about, which we are starting to do more often, anyways. We've long had our monday park day with the local hs'ers, now we've got wednesdays with another hs'ing family as a permanent thing. With all the stuff going on, our weekly library trip hasn't been happening. Leaving the job will also take away the biggest impediment to building my own business, as my schedule was never the same, making it difficult to plan anything around it.

Halloween is gone, and the kids had a blast. Both spent the day with friends. I was at work that evening (yes, I dressed up, too) and Dh got the fun job of trying to get done at least some of the dishes and laundry that has been piling up. I'd intended to catch up more today, but that didn't happen. I'm hoping to get some of it done soon, but we'll be out and about a fair amount tomorrow, plus on Saturday, Eldest and I are taking in a seminar. Home schooling is such a misnomer. We're hardly ever home at all!

Youngest and I had started off making a lap book I'd downloaded for free from a site I'd found. It's on spiders, which I felt was appropriate. My daughters had never had problems with spiders - loved them, actually - until we got to know another family closely before moving out here. The mom had a spider phobia, and suddenly Youngest doesn't like spiders. I thought that by doing this project, it might help move her back to finding them the fascinating creatures she once knew them as. We got the lap book about 1/2 done before we had to stop for the night, and haven't been able to get back to it since. Hopefully, things will quite down at least a little bit and we can get back on it.

Among the things we've slacked off on is the French lessons. This week's pretty much a write off, so I'll have to make sure we get back on it next week.

Our lone triops is still thriving. She's mostly being fed shrimp, though I sometimes use the food pellets for a change. The water and tank need a thorough cleaning, but I'm loath to do so. She's thriving right now, and I'm half afraid that if we do, she'll die like Eldest's betta fish did. He survived the trip out here, only to sicken and die right after we changed his water a couple of days after we arrived. Granted, we're using distilled water for this, so it should be fine, but maybe she likes grazing on the stuff growing on the side of her tank? She certainly seems to be digging into it a lot. So far, we're just using the pippette to suck out the big stuff with some of the diry water, then topping up with clean. Maybe we should just leave well enough alone. I'm watching her as I type this, and she really seems to be thriving and enjoying herself.

Well, time for me to get ready for work.

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Zorena Family said...

I'm glad dh found something local! I know what you mean about the job cutting into homeschool time. It doesn't seem like a lot of hours, but it limits your time before and after too. I feel like I am still behind on everything that I let go the last year I was working. Tell dh good luck on Monday!