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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Double library list...

Since I never got around to doing a library list last week... here's both, though we've already returned quite a few from last time. LOL

A couple the library put up as part of a display caught my eye. The Destruction of the Bison and The Canadian Home; Form Cave to Electronic Cocoon looked like interesting reading. Some books from the Brother Cadfael series I'd put on hold came in, including An Excellent Mystery (large print edition) and The First Cadfael Omnibus, containing A Morbid Taste for Bones, One Corpse Too Many and Monks Hood, and The Cadfael Companion; The World of Brother Cadfael. That last one interested me, as I had been wondering about some of the many historical references in the series. I also snagged the Second Cadfael Omnibus, containing Dead Man's Ransom, The Pilgrim of Hate and An Excellent Mystery. Eldest as been reading these a lot, too, and can no longer stomach the videos we've been borrowing. They're too different from the books, and those differences are pretty glaring now. *L*

Also on the list, Bead Crochet; A Beadwork How-to Book, Cooking the Polish Way and Classic Breads. We had a few audio/visuals waiting for us, including 3 CD's of chutney music and the National Geographic 2 dvd set, Guns, Germs and Steel. That one was recommended to me by a friend, and I'm so glad she did. Fascinating stuff. Sadly, the first dvd had damage to it, so the end of the first episode was completely unwatchable. We also got another National Geographic dvd on Hawaii, plus the Cirque du Soleil dvd, Quidam (which was really weird), and Allosaurus.

There were some others that we've returned - a whole bunch of Calvin and Hobbes, Far Sides and Baby Blues, as well as some other crafting ones, none of which I remember the names to anymore. *L*

On today's list...

Wedding Ceremonies; Ethnic Symbols, Costume and Rituals. Gorgeously photographed, and absolutely fascinating. What amazing costumes, jewelry, body art etc. people wear for their weddings!

The Magic of Fire; Hearth Cooking - One Hundred Recipes for the Fireplace or Campfire. Like the book listed above, I couldn't resist this one, despite the size and weight. *L* (hey, when you have to carry them on public transit, that's a major consideration! ;-) ) This is as much a history and how-to as a cookbook, with an amazing variety of foods that can be cooked over an open flame.

Foods of the Maya; A Taste of the Yucatan. The first part of this book is more like a travel guide, with plenty of interesting histories and tidbits of information about the Maya and they Yucatan area. Each recipe also begins with some interesting information, as well as each chapter. I love cookbooks that read like novels!

The Welcome Table; African-American Heritage Cooking - A Feast of over 200 Recipes from all Over the Country. Another cookbook that doubles as a history, sprinkled with old photos from many decades ago. The glossary at the end is just as interesting as the rest of the book.

Houses & Plans from housebeautiful. I grabbed two of the many available in this series. Some very lovely home ideas - as well as a few that leave me wondering just what the designers were thinking. *L* I like going over books like these to get ideas for the dream home we eventually want to build for ourselves.

Great Jewelry of the World. I just loved the photography here, and it features some incredible pieces, from modern to historical.

Macrame; 20 Great Projects to Knot and Chinese Knotting. Like I need to learn yet another craft? I blame it on Gawdessness. If she hadn't pointed out the Chinese Knotting one, I wouldn't have noticed it, buried in the crafting section. That's ok. I think I got her back with a Helen Stevens embroidery book in her pile... ;-)

Youngest picked only one books today - she's already read and re-read all the comic books she normally grabs. She chose a Goosebumps book, How to Kill a Monster.

Eldest picked only 2 books - and they were both ones I'd found for her! She got Polymer Clay; The Art of Jewelry: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration. I actually found this in the fine arts section, not the crafts section. Completely different from what we've usually been finding. The other book she chose was Making Designer Gemstone & Pearl Jewelry. The interesting thing about this book is that the chapters are divided not by method or style, but by the themes, love, wisdom, strength and peace. The gemstones selected for each chapter are associated with those themes. Many also have a brief blurb on the folklore associated with a specific stone.

And finally, a couple other audio/visual selections that I'd put on hold - we never actually made it into the section this time around. Salsa Creole; Afro-Cuban Salsa Music, and for Dh, we got a Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only.

I think we'll be set for the next few days. :-D

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