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Friday, May 04, 2007

library list

The last couple of library trips, I put off writing them up - only to never get back to it. So this time, having just got home from the library, I'll write up the list NOW! *L* Though I'm going to have to snag the books the girls are already reading. They dove in about as fast as I could unpack the bag. :-D

I'll start with the audio/visual first, since they're at the top of the pile. *BG*

We picked up 3 music CD's I'd put on hold, all from Mediaeval Baebes. The Rose, Salva Nos and Underentide.

On video, we got:
World Wonders Beyond Time; 5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders: Includes the Taj Mahol, Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, Mount Rushmore and more. Should be very interesting.
I snagged a pair of dvd's from the Planet Earth series. One included The Solar Sea; The Sun - giving life or delivering destruction? Gifts from the Earth; How other planets predict Earth's future (I think that subtitle is a mistake, though) and Fate of the Earth; The dawn of a new age... or the twilight of our existence? The next one includes The Climate Puzzle; Earth's weather - unavoidable destiny or humankind's greatest miscalculation? and Tales from Other Worlds; How other planets predict Earth's future.
We also picked up Amadeus and another Brother Cadfael movie, The Potter's Field. Haven't seen either in a long time.

Youngest went all out on her comic books today. I won't even bother listing all seven titles, but this time she found not only a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes books, but threw in come Baby Blues and Farside books, too (Gary Larson is a genius!).

Eldest picked out a couple of comic books as well - a Foxtrot and a Dilbert, which I'm sure Dh will be enjoying as well. He's a huge fan of both. She also chose:
Decorative Beaded Purses: I've made beaded purses (also called amulet bags, though I like to call them treasure bags. :-D) for both girls and Eldest has recently rediscovered hers. She's since done a design for a bag she's asked me to do in peyote stitch, then she'll finish with the strap and fringes. This book has a wealth of ideas. I've actually taken it out for myself quite a long time ago, and how it's Eldest's turn. :-)
Stringing Style; 50+ Fresh Bead Designs for Jewelry: some really nice ideas from this one.
Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects; Creative Projects, Simple Techniques: What caught my eye about this one was the cover photo of a collar type necklace - made of cocktail toothpicks! It's really quite lovely. I showed it to Eldest, and she snagged it. Some of the ideas in it are just plain weird, but it'll be fun to check out.
The Book of Beads; A practical and Inspirational Guide to Beads and Jewelry Making: Excellent book! Absolutely beautiful and inspiring.
Polymer Clay Extravaganza; 21 projects including memory crafts, paper crafts, home decor & more: Lots of techniques and useful ideas in this one.
Creative Stamping in Polymer Clay: a lot of very lovely and unique techniques in this one. It's making me pine for my stamp collection (sitting in a box in storage, of course... )

And finally, my list. *L*
The Villa; From Ancient to Modern: Glorious photos of villas around the world, plus floor plans and maps of the grounds. I love the villa concept.
Living Homes; Sustainable Architecture and Design: spotlighting home types that include adobe, straw bale, rammed earth and more. Wonderful photography showcasing examples of each type.
Complete Beading; Jewelry and Accessories: an idea book for me, though I'm sure the girls will get a lot out of it, too.
Ninja Shadowhand; The Art of the Invisibility: someone had abandoned this and another book in amongst the craft books. I couldn't resist! *L*
The Fifth Cadfael Omnibus; includes The Rose Rent, The Hermit of Eyton Forest and The Confessions of Brother Haluin. The movies we've been renting aren't quite enough for me. *L* That, and there's so few of them. Of these three titles, two aren't available on video at all. Which is good. The series is very enjoyable, but they really don't hold a candle to the books.

And now... time to enjoy our new acquisitions for a while before I have to start on supper.

*contented sigh*

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