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Friday, February 08, 2008

Finally... a proper library list again. :-D

Nice to get a proper library trip in this week. I think I was going through withdrawal. ;-)

We returned most of what we took out last week. I think it was the smallest check out/return we've had since we moved out there. *L* We did keep a couple Dilberts and a Garfield, though.

Eldest tells me she had to mightily resist taking out certain books - mostly because they were about 6 inches thick, and she'd already accumulated a substantial stack. Substantial as much in weight as number, that is. *L* This week she chose:

More Than Human; Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement
Wonders of the Past; Ancient Inventions
Ships and Seamanship In the Ancient World
Victorian Inventions
McMinn's Color Atlas of Human Anatomy
She also found the 6 dvd set, Secrets of Archaeology

Yes, my daughter has eclectic interests. A bit like her mother that way. ;-)

Youngest picked three more books from the Time-Life Enchanted World series, Giants and Ogres, Wizards and Witches and The Book of Beginnings. I think some of these are repeats that she didn't get to finish previously.

I tried to keep my own list on the short side, as I tend to grab much more than I have time to read.

Under My Skin: this is a rather different book on tattoos, in that it's about individuals that are heavily tattooed, not about the tattoos themselves.
Chinese Feasts and Festivals; A Cookbook
Chinese Foods: no recipes here, but a cultural history of Chinese food and cooking. One of my personal interests is history, not as names and dates, but in how people lived. Over the years, I've found one of the best ways to learn about a people and their culture is to learn about what they ate. Geography, climate, politics, levels of wealth, technology, status and so on... it's amazing how many things influence our food and culture!
Thai Cooking
El Nino; Fact and Fiction
Climates Through Geologic Time
dvd - Savage Planet - Extremes and Volcanic Killers
Yes, after a bit of a break, I'm back into researching global climate. It's a fascinating subject, but very information intense. It's good to give myself a brain break every now and then. :-D Just for fun, though, I also grabbed 2 Brother Cadfael dvd's, One Corpse Too Many and The Leper of St. Giles.

In cd's, I had another Loreena McKennitt disc on hold, The Mummers' Dance, plus I found The Planets by Classical Graffiti in the instrumental section.

*happy sigh* I think we're good for another week. :-D

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