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Friday, February 29, 2008

Library list, and a revamp of the blog

I decided it was time to mess around with the blog layout. While I liked the old layout, I didn't like how small the text area was, so I switched to a template that lets the text area fit to your window. I think it makes it easier to read that way.

For today's library trip, the girls and I tried to watch some of the dvd's we hadn't got around to before they had to be returned. F for Fake turned out to be very... confusing. Big Ideas turned out to be a series of interviews - interesting stuff, but it did drag on, and we didn't have time to watch it. We never did get around to the Architecture one. Ah, well.

Today, we managed an accomplishment - we actually came back with *less* than we returned! *L* Granted, it was partly because we returned more than was due, including all the cd's. We must've had close to 20 of them in total.

Youngest renewed one of her books, Giants and Ogres, so she didn't try to find anything else.

Eldest kept her choices low, too. Today she picked:

Headwraps: photographs, illustrations and cultural information about the different types of headwraps people wear around the world.
The Nineteenth Century; A visual History of Costume: a series of photos, illustrations, paintings, etc., with brief write ups, featuring clothing worn throughout the 1800's.
The Guinness Guide to 20th Century Fashion: a look at more recent clothing trends, with more information than the previous book, organized by decade.

I managed to keep my list a bit shorter today - mostly by avoiding certain sections of the library completely. *L*
The Second Brother Cadfael Omnibus, featuring Saint Peter's Fair, (that ones a favourite of Youngest's) and The Leper of St. Giles, and The Virgin in the Ice.
Eating with the Victorians: This one traces how our meals evolved to today's current structure and times. The layout of the title on the cover has led to some humorous moments, though. The first and last words are in large text, while the middle two are much smaller. As I was using the self-check out, I saw the title as "Eating Victorians." Youngest saw it as "Eating the Victims." LOL
The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book: There's just something I love about old cookbooks. This one was originally published in 1966. Many of the recipes have a brief description of its background, making the book a fascinating glimpse of life in the time period.
Sacred Food: This book explores the relationships food plays in the special occasions of various cultures, from birth to funerals, and everything in between, including select recipes of dishes that would be traditionally served during these times.
The Breath of a Wok; Unlocking the Spirit of Chinese Wok Cooking Through Recipes and Lore: Starting with how woks are made, and the different styles used by different cultures, to a wide variety of recipes from those cultures. Beautifully put together.

We picked up a new batch of dvd's again - I wonder if we'll get a chance to watch all of them this time. *L*

The Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology - This is part of a series called The Great Courses; Teaching that engages the mind, from The Teaching Company, in their science and mathematics category. Our branch as a great many of these on a wide range of subjects, and my curiosity finally got to me. I didn't notice until we got home, though, that it's part 2 of 3. Oops. It's a 2 dvd set with a course guidebook, featuring 12 specific areas.
The Global Generation Series: Episode 2, The Global Marketplace; The Benefits of Globalization. I believe there's 6 episodes to this series, with episode 1 not being there, so I grabbed the next one. We'll see if it's worth checking out the rest.
Creation of Evolution? I just couldn't resist. I'm hoping it's at least respectful. Usually, it's one side or the other trying to trash their opposite.
Rumpole of the Bailey, Seasons 3&4, set 2, featuring Rumpole and the Old, Old Story, Rumpole and the Blind Tasting and Rumpole and the Official Secret. You know, I like tv a lot better when it's on dvd. *L*
Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs. Another one I couldn't resist when I saw the title. Didn't he have a tv series on mysteries or something?

And finally, this week's cd's. I think I ended up getting all instrumentals this time.

Suspended Memories; Earth Island
Surround Sounds 2
Furia Flamenca from Tierra Negra
Eternal Champion from David Arkenstone
Pumping Irony (Songs of the 90's) from Nancy White - I did get something other than instrumentals. A bit of light hearted comedy is always a good thing. :-D
Magic Gipsy from Eric Fernandez

That's it for this week! :-D

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