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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hot Spiced Apple and Cranberry Juice

Since we were having a more special supper tonight, thinking it was the Feast of St. Catherine, Eldest made her spiced apple drink. It's really excellent, so I thought I'd share the recipe.

Hot Spiced Apple and Cranberry Juice

2 L apple juice
2 L cranberry juice
cinnamon sticks
whole cloves
1 apple, optional
whole ginger, optional

In a large pot, combine juices. Add spices. Experiment with the quantities of spices for your own tastes. Eldest likes to use about 6 cinnamon sticks, enough whole cloves to fill the bottom of a tea ball and about a tablespoon or so of ground nutmeg in a little baggie. I think she used a coffee filter to make the baggie. The tea ball and baggie aren't needed, but they do make clean up easier, and you don't get dregs of spices in your glass later on.

If using an apple, wash thoroughly, cut into slices and add it to the juices and spices. If using the ginger, peel and slice a piece about half an inch long. The ginger can be a bit strong, so start with less before determining how much you like to use.

Heat over low until the juices are hot and the flavours are combined, which may take as long as an hour.

Serve hot. Any juice left over can be strained and refrigerated.

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