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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My fix...

Ah, finally - since well before our move, we made a library trip! We walked, since it's only a 10 minute stroll from our new home. Whoot! And a nice day for a walk, too.

Unfortunately, it meant limiting what we could take out to what we could fit into the 2 backpacks we brought with us. Not that that stopped me from over doing it anyways. The stack on the left is just my stuff. The stack on the right is both girls' stuff together. *L*I

So this is our first library list since the move..

Scared to Death; From BSE to Global Warming; Why scares are costing us the Earth. This one is a repeat for me. I got it again because I had to return it before I had a chance to write a review on my other blog. I highly, highly recommend it.

Fear Less; Real truth about risk, safety and security in a time of terrorism. I have never heard of this book before, but when I saw it was by Gavin DeBecker, I had to grab it. We've already got a copy of Gift of Fear and have read Protecting the Gift, two more books I unhesitatingly recommend.

The Great Canadian Car Camping Cookbook. This one just looked like fun.

A Taste for Adventure; A culinary odyssey around the world. This one seems as much novel as cook book. After reading a bit of it, I had to take it home.

Gatherings and Celebrations; History, folklore, rituals and recipes for the occasions that bring people together. Easter is coming soon, but I find there aren't a lot of cookbooks dedicated to Easter, like there are for Christmas, Thanksgiving, various Asian holidays, or even Halloween. This one had an Easter section in it, so I decided to give it a go. We're always up to trying traditional dishes from cultures unfamiliar to us.

The Eastern and Central European Kitchen; contemporary and classic recipes. I liked the variety of countries represented; this is "home style" cooking, for me.

Crocheting School; A complete course. There are some pretty advanced techniques in here I look forward to trying.

Crochet for Barbie Doll; 75 delightful creations to crochet. I got this while thinking of Youngest and her perpetually naked Barbie dolls, but I also couldn't resist when I saw it had patterns for teenie, tiny hats.

The Encyclopedia of Things that Never Where. Youngest has chosen this one yet again. If I could find it in the stores, I'd buy it for her, she likes it so much. *L*

Sundays with Vlad; from Pennsylvania to Transylvania; One man's quest to live in the world of the undead. Eldest had borrowed this before and highly recommended that Youngest read it, too. So she will. :-D

The next bunch are Eldest's eclectic choices.

Draw Comics Like a Pro; Techniques for creating dynamic characters, scenes and stories.
A Mermaid's Tale; A personal search for love and lore.
The Essential Darkroom Book; A complete guide to black and white and colour processing
Simplexity; Why simple things become complex (and how complex things can be made simple)
Arguing Comics; Literary masters on a popular medium

Now for the DVD list. I wonder how many we'll actually get to see before we have to return them? We don't actually watch this much tv, even with the girls having their own upstairs.

Bizarre Foods: Collection 1 This is one of my choices, but I was thinking of squid and octopus loving Eldest when I got it. *L*

What the Bleep; Down the Rabbit Hole. Having enjoyed What the Bleep Do We Know, I thought this 4 dvd set worth getting. I do find it funny that a dvd set on quantum physics is in the religion/philosophy section.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. I have a preference for Tribal belly dance - that, and I totally detest how other belly dance dvd's are now marketed at the weight loss/exercise niche instead of dance.

Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence; Partners in Crime. I've never heard of this, but it's Agatha Christie, so I figure there's a good chance we'll like it.

Life in Cold Blood. One of Youngest's choices, it's a nature dvd about reptiles.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. It's been a long time since we've seen this one. Edlest doesn't remember it at all.

The rest of the dvd's and cd's listed below are Eldest's choices.

Das Boot
The Kingdom (she wants me to make sure I say, this one is NOT the war movie. *L*)
Delicatessen (she had this one on hold for almost a year, and it's finally in! She's really hoping it was worth the wait.)


The Black Maria: A shared history of tragedy
The Cloud Room
Close to Paradise: Patrick Watson
Stray Light Run
Menomena: Friend and Foe

*happy sigh*

It feels good to be loaded down with library stuff again. :-D

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