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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting busy

For a lot of home schooling families, especially those that follow a more formal curriculum, things tend to slow down for the summer.  Even those that don't, tend to take breaks.  Our local hs organizations stop meeting for the summer, for example, and a lot of lessons and classes stop for the summer, too.

I've noticed our summers tend to get busier.  There are just so many more things to do!

Recently, we had a pleasant surprise.  My MIL got a contract in our city and was able to visit with us while she was here, in between when she had to work.  She's not the touristy type, so her visit involved a lot of sitting and talking (while she enjoyed our A/C - her accommodations supplied by her client didn't have any), and going out to eat.  It was pretty funny when my MIL looked at a new painting Eldest started on.  She'd sketched it out and was doing the lining in preparation for the watercolors.  This particular painting has a couple in dapper party clothing from a bygone era - and they're skeletons.  My MIL looked it over with a critical eye and started discussing with her the angle of a particular bone.  MIL, you see, is a retired RN with a very strong knowledge of the workings of the human body.  She'd done autopsies every chance she could during her nursing training, and the only reason she didn't become a forensic pathologist was because she couldn't afford the continued schooling it required.  So Eldest's paintings showing the inner workings of the body are quite up MIL's alley!

Anyhow, we had a great couple of days visiting with her while she was out.  There was also Father's Day, Youngest's birthday (she's 14 now!), and our hs group's last Monday at the park until fall, which is a big potluck breakfast, all on top the visit.  So just the past week has been a lot busier than usual for us.

While heading to the library this evening with Youngest - much more pleasant than walking over at our usual time, when the temps reached 25C - I was reminded that festival season is almost upon us.  A public square near our library is being set up for a huge arts festival that will last over a week.  That location will have several more festivals, one right after the other, throughout the summer.  Some of the vendors - especially the food vendors - just keep their pavilions up in between, since they're taking part in two or three festivals in a row.  I'm looking forward to seeing what will be happening this year.

Meanwhile, Eldest will be having her display at an art festival in another part of the city in the middle of July.  We've found out where her spot is and, for a non-prime location, it's pretty darn good!  We have to figure out what to use to hang her paintings, because the hooks designed to fit on the grid walls we've ordered for her won't work with the type of frames she's got.  Meanwhile, she has her official participant pass and a list of things she needs to know, as well as suggestions for what to bring along - like a sun hat, water bottles, and sunscreen, as well as things like thin, transparent plastic sheeting to protect artwork if there's a light rain, while still allowing potential customers to see the pieces. 

She's also going to be going to a local Not Back to School Picnic near the end of summer.  I'd kinda like to be going with her, just because I'd love to go camping.  This is, however, more than just a camping trip.  It's actually going to be 5 days of guided philosophy discussions.  A friend of mine had organised something like it before, and it turned out to be really popular.  The biggest complaint people had was time constraints, so in doing it as a camp, the discussions will take part throughout the day, ending with a free-for-all talk around a bonfire.  Of course, no one has to take part in any particular seminar they don't want to.  There's a lake for swimming, hiking trails, and various other nature type things available.  I really hope she enjoys it. 

It sure looks like we're gearing up for a busy summer! :-)

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