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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Extra Sweets

Easter is over, Dh is back at work, and things are going back to normal. Well, as normal as they ever are in this household!

Before I go on to our late hs'ing activities (and Eldest is now able to post on here too, so she'll be adding her own perspective every now and then), I wanted to post pictures of a couple more Easter treats we got.

Every Easter, my in-laws have been giving special baskets for their grandchildren. Since we have moved, they've started sending them (and us!) treats that are a bit easier to mail. What you are seeing here is a lovely tray of mixed chocolates, and the box beneath is one of 4 chocolate pizzas. Yes, chocolate pizzas!

The treat was extra special this year for another reason, though. In the past, these were purchased from a good friend who started

making chocolate as an at-home business, eventually opening up a very popular shop. She hand made all the chocolates - most her own special concoctions. They were fabulous! She is also a fantastic woman, and the kids just loved her.

Unfortunately, carpal tunnel syndrome forced her into retirement, and she sold her shop. The new owner is also quite good, but when the in-laws sent us some of these last year, they were quite different. I am guessing she either switched suppliers for her bulk tempered chocolate, or downgraded the quality she was getting. They tasted very waxy.

So the surprise this year is that they went directly to their friend, who especially made these treats herself, in her home! We were so touched that she'd be willing to do that, and that my in-laws went through the extra effort. How thoughful of them!


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