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Thursday, July 05, 2007

another library list

Today, thanks to a friend with a mini-van, we visited a new and very different library. In a shopping mall. How very strange! Well, to me, anyways. ;-)

Eldest didn't pick any books at all this time, and returned all her previous choices, including The Golden Age of DC Comics - 365 Days.. The funny thing about that was seeing my friend bring home a copy of that same book!

Youngest made some interesting selections this time.

Cats: This is a tiny book (only about 3"x4"), yet it's almost 400 pages. Many of them are two page spreads of full colour cat photos! This isn't just a book about cat breeds, though there's certainly breed information. No, this is a book about individual cats, frequently photo'd in interesting poses with their owners, breeders and their children. The text is tiny - I find it rather hard to read. Not that the text has anything to do with why Youngest picked it. She just loves cats! :-D

Great Cakes: This is a book from Country Living. Every recipe has photos of the finished product. We don't bake cake. I no longer have cake pans. We may have to remedy that.

Animals Nobody Loves: Says who! Some of my favorite creatures are in this one. :-D Even Youngest, who doesn't like spiders right now (she used to like them just fine), found the close up cover photo of a spider's eyes to be adorable.

As for me, I got distracted on the way to the crafts section.

Medieval Costume and Fashion: This book is divided into time periods, with detailed information about each. Along with line drawings and black and white photographic examples, it has simple pattern information as well. Might be useful for next year's Medieval Day.

Picnic; 125 Recipes with 29 Seasonal Menus: I like picnics. We haven't gone on a picnic in ages (park days don't count). I think I need to do some planning. :-D

New Book of Herbs: This book is backwards from any of the herb books I've seen before. The information on planning, planting, and harvesting, plus recipes for food, medicinal, crafting and home use, are all at the front of the book, with the information on individual herbs following. I got it for the recipes.

Complete Book of Vegetables: While I grew up with a huge vegetable garden, we always planted the same things every year. I like to learn more about other types of veggies, too. As an added bonus, not only does this book have at least one recipe for each vegetable featured, but it tells which can be planted in containers, what size containers they need, and what type of potting soil mix to use.

Food; The Struggle to Sustain the Human Community: No recipes in here! This is all about the influence food has had on humanity's culture and civilization.

That's it for today. I would've gladly grabbed more, but the idea was to NOT come home with a book bag heavier than what we came with. *L*


Perrywinkle said...

Cool library mini-mall

Kunoichi said...

Thanks. :-)