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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Progress in other areas

Well, that's it. I've come to determine that I was not made to wear contacts! I tried putting them in, and it just won't happen. Worse, the attempt very quickly irritated my eyes again, and that just shouldn't be happening. They still burn a bit now, and it's been over 5 hours.

Things have been better in other areas, though. Today Eldest, with very little bit of help and guidance from me, cut out the pieces for a vest she's making. It's considerably more ambitious than the skirt. It's a fitted vest with collar, darts in the back, and little decorative strips on the front. The back and collar and lining are black, while the front is in a colourful fabric that was quite horrid to work with - it *slides* like a living thing! *L* The iron on interfacing applied to those pieces will make them easy to sew, though. That part is waiting for tomorrow.

Until then, I'm trying to figure out the instructions for attaching the lining. I've made lined vests before - back when Eldest could fit a size 6! *L* So I have a good idea of how to attach the lining, then flip it all right side out. The instructions here, however, don't seem the least bit familiar and, between the text and graphics, I just don't understand what they are.

It's one of the last things to do, though, so we should be able to figure it out before then.

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